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Diagnostic Assessment  

A full diagnostic assessment will tell you if your child has dyslexia.

The cost of the diagnostic assessment includes the initial conversation, parent/carer and school questionnaires, the full diagnostic assessment and the report and feedback meeting. 

The diagnostic report can be used as evidence when applying for 

Disability Student Allowance (DSA).  

4 step process


Telephone or Virtual


and also a School questionnaire


This is conducted in person and can take approximately 3 hours. 

(can be split over two days if necessary) 


 to discuss the outcomes and recommendation of the report. 

Cognitive Assessment

A cognitive assessment will celebrate your child’s strengths and identify areas they find challenging. The cognitive report includes the outcomes of the assessment and recommendations designed to help your child. The areas investigated include working memory, non-verbal ability, verbal ability, vocabulary, and phonological awareness. 

Dyslexia Screener

A dyslexia screener is not a diagnostic assessment, but it will tell you if your child would benefit from further diagnostic assessments. It highlights any weaknesses in areas associated with dyslexia and from this, recommendations are made in order to support your child’s literacy skills. 

Access Arrangements

This service is for schools who require evidence when applying to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) access arrangements.  


Written parent/carer consent is required to assess a child or young person. 

Children and young people must have had recent (within two years) hearing and vision tests; this is to rule out any undiagnosed hearing or vision impairments which could contribute to their difficulty with literacy. 

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